Rockin' the Farm

Live at Air Devil's Inn (ADI Records)
Dallas Alice

By David Lilly

Well, then there now. Despite that we all know Jett Rink died back in the mid-Fifties, he shows up in an alt-country band in Louisville. Well, Rink and his bandmates, known collectively as Dallas Alice, can make better music than you ever thought you could make.

I know less about country or alt-country music than I know about James Dean. But according to my ears, what I hear on Live at Air Devil's Inn is some pretty rockin' music with a rural flavor, or if you prefer, some country music with a definite rockin' edge. The (well, my) main problem with it is probably excellent news for most fans of the genre. The singer sounds veeerrry country. That said, let us envision throngs of fans whooping, hollering and throwing their hats into orbit. And that's great. I hope thousands of units of this CD move faster than a Porsche Spider and I expect to hear it playing at some yard sales and barbeques this summer.

The songs are full of blue-collar lyrics and imagery that are bound to appeal to a lot of folks. One set that stands out goes something like this: "If you call me white trash/ I'll kick your skinny ass/ And I don't think I'll let you judge me anymore/ Because I have some tattoos/ And I sing those skinner blues/My book's got many covers/ Check your bullshit at the door" from "White Trash." That's a surefire connection with The People and that's good news.

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