Where Were We?

East of Bristol, West of Knoxville (Strong Recordings)
Jordan Chassan

By Larry Alexander

I continue to be overwhelmed by the talent that has yet to be discovered. Jordan Chassan is one of those finds. What bothers me about the process is that unless my friend had handed me this CD to review, I would have probably never known about Jordan Chassan. Quite frankly, I still know nothing about Jordan except what he has written and performed.

What I do know is that this CD is exceptional: sort of bluesy, country, new-grass. It really makes you want to listen, but also wants to make you want to hold on to the one you love and move to the rhythm. All cuts are written and performed by Chassan with some assists by people like Gillian Welch. It just further emphasizes to me the wisdom and talent of Welch.

"Brandywine"is the first cut and is just pure beauty. "A Day Like Today" is very melancholy but not depressing. "Things Just Do" is country-bouncy (I made up that phrase) and tells a great love story. "Wound Up Way Too Tight" is bluesy and adds the Welch's vocals to beautiful effect. "Lost Along the Way" is just totally cool. Great tune, great lyrics. And "Cheater Cheater Cheater" is just a total hoot. "Am I Pleasin' You" is a great story told by a great voice, while "Hard Work Bein' a Fool" makes me feel like I'm in the Mississippi delta.

Geographically, East of Bristol and West of Knoxville is where I want to hang up my career. Chassan has given me one other reason to love bluesy new-grass and the geographical reference only adds to that. Jordan Chassan has a new fan. Buy this CD.