You're Not Heavy, You're Their Sibling

A Mile In Your Shoes (Independent)

By David Lilly

"Help keep these guys out of jail! Buy this CD!" a voice with a Cookie Monster vox effect commanded, with a wink.

Lo and behold, it came to be that I saw Klinch straddling the fence between hard rock and its heavier cousin, metal, although their collective manhood remained unriled. They seemed to revel in it, actually.

And I felt that way for a long time, right up until, I don't know, last night when that voice with the Cookie Monster vox effect visited me in a dream, stating, "Yes, Mr. writer, sir, Klinch indeed rocks hard; however, all attempts to label them are futile." And this wasn't winking. Well, Klinch plays heavy music all right. So, what separates them from the multitude of bands that play similarly heavy material? These guys come armed with a positive attitude and a message of hope. No marketing strategy to exploit the disaffected, depressed, humanity- and self-loathing crowd. On the contrary, Klinch would love those folks to hear this music and share the fortitude. This is exhibited by lyrics such as, "I look into the mirror / And swear with all these tears / I'll make myself be strong / I won't weaken from all my fears," from "Holding In," a song about surviving an abusive relationship. The music is crunching melodic catharsis. Indeed, this band has a spiritual connection with Ozzy.

Listening to this EP, A Mile in Your Shoes, I get this bizarre image of a collaboration between Foghat and Rob Zombie. That's either a compliment or a product of my overactive imagination (the former, really). Note: I'm not suggesting this music is merely derivative. It is not. It's original, heavy, emotional and it's made right here in our Kentuckiana backyard. (The latter almost literally for me, as guitarist Brian Schindler lives a few doors away).

You don't have to walk a mile in their shoes to get better acquainted with the band. Visit Klinch on the web at

, read their mission statement and determine their sound for yourself. Oh and watch for news of Vent, the band's forthcoming full-length disc.