Loaded With Soul

Blue Meridian (Independent)
George Egger & Blue Meridian

By Larry Alexander

George Egger's Blue Meridian is a soulful stroll through the afternoon, the kind of album you play on a cold rainy Sunday with a glass of Red Diamond merlot 2001. The lyrics are poetry and the music makes wonderful use of the presence of many fine musicians (Steve Cooley and Danny Kiely, among others).

There is much to like in the songwriting, too and from many different musical angles. "Her World" is classic blues. "Savin Me" has a hint of alternative rock with a mix of classic rock, all applied to soft gospel. "No Nonsense" is funk bluegrass that just makes you want to dance. (On the downside, "Lovin Cup" is listed as cut 3 on the album art but is actually cut 4, while "Savin Me" is actually cut 3.)

"I'm Ready" is where it is supposed to be and is reminiscent of Donna the Buffalo. "Be With You" is a beautiful love ballad and the theme of love does course through the CD. (Egger is clearly a romantic.) "Julie of July" has a great country/bluegrass flare and "Trick of the Eye" has almost a bossa nova beat.

This CD is not ear candy. It is thoughtful and requires some time to appreciate. The artistry here may not always appeal to the masses, but it certainly has plenty of appeal. At times, it's magnificent. The first spin you give this disc is for the gestalt; the remaining plays are for absorbing the meaning and simply enjoying the afternoon.