The Beavis and Butt-Head of Rock 'n' Roll?

The World's Greatest American Barroom Rock 'n' Roll Band, Vol. 1 (FM Records)
Eddie & the F**k Munkys

By Kory Wilcoxson

Eddie and the F**k Munkys will never be confused with a Top 40 boy band or, say, an American Idol contestant. The name takes care of that. If you're offended by the name, no sense going any further, right? It's a shrewd but discerning move by the band. Clear out the riff-raff before they have a chance to bitch and moan about the music.

Thing is, there's not much to bitch and moan about. The Munkys don't pretend to be anything more than they are: a bunch of guys jamming and making up stupid guy-oriented lyrics. It's like poker in a smoky basement, but with more alcohol, musical instruments and gay sex references.

And it's funny. Damn funny. What makes the Munkys so entertaining is their unpredictability. They have no limits because they don't care about whether they suck or not, so why censor subject matter? There's not a lot of pretense to deal with when you're singing about bad-ass bitches and pornography addictions.

Check out their slam of Eddie Vedder and his ilk on "That `90s Song." It's a fitting microcosm of the band: a 10-second gimmick that the Munkys stretch into a couple of minutes - and they somehow make it work beautifully. "The Ballad of Eddie" is a rambling band history that you only wish were true and the stream-of-consciousness "Bologna and Cheese" takes you everywhere from speeding teenagers to Mexican zombies.

Are the Munkys offensive? Sure, if you blush at songs like "The Big Dick Song," an exercise in one-upmanship that would fit on any New Duncan Imperials album. If you like your humor unchecked and man-sized, here's your new favorite band. I can't explain songs like "When Pigs Fly," but I can give some instructions: Play. Laugh. Repeat.

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