Looking For a Niche

Between Two Lions EP (Independent)
Between Two Lions

By John Bohannon

There are so many "indie" rock bands today, it's hard to distinguish one from another at times. It's becoming pop music all over again, because now even "alternative" music is starting to sound the same in many cases. When I was sent Between Two Lions' EP, I couldn't help but think the same thing. The New Albany, Ind., natives are playing music we've already heard for quite some time. But don't get me wrong - there is plenty of potential here. They are headed down the right path and they still have time to find where they are going.

Brett Engle is the creative force behind Between Two Lions and he is joined by longtime friends and collaborators Eric Moore and Todd Corley. On EP, the band recorded the songs live in the studio with engineer Tim Haertel at the helm, giving them a somewhat rough (but very real) sound. Engle writes songs about lost love ("Walking Awake," "Thief") and life ("Twenty-Four," "Put On a Shirt") that really are quite personal, which actually might have been better served by more careful production.

Apparently also in their catalogue they have an acoustic sessions album called The Tracy Sessions, which I would be interested hearing. Perhaps this is a band that decided to convert to electric, but whose true sound lies in a stripped-down acoustic vein, with spare accompaniment.

Between Two Lions seems as if it might be a band that hasn't quite found its niche. Their development evokes a vivid image of a band in the early stages of blossoming. If these guys just keep on doing what they are doing and keep on improving - who knows what lies ahead? For the time being, they've been compared with R.E.M., the Lemonheads and even John Mayer. If that's your cup of tea, this disc might just be worth a listen.

Find out more at www.betweentwolions.com

. The band performs live September 8 at Air Devil's Inn.