This One Burns Bright

Cigarello (Independent)

By Sean Hoban

Cigarello is a loud and fuzzy rock outfit with a special knack for guitar hooks and interesting sounds. They're from Athens, Georgia but have recently packed up and moved out to none other than Louisville, Kentucky, bringing their post-alternative sound to add to our already eclectic music scene. For the most part, on their new self-titled disc Cigarello has combined a hodgepodge of different rock 'n' roll sounds, keeping the tempo, guitar levels and vocals varied enough throughout to keep it interesting.

Cigarello's sound centers on pretty grungy and occasionally wailing guitars and the hard-to-place-but-sounds-vaguely-like-Dinosaur-Jr. vocals. Oddly, the music is most reminiscent of R.E.M., with dingy dirty guitars and a vengeance. The vox are wailing in a stretched out, Michael Stipe sort of way and the music has the half meandering, somewhat lost feel of R.E.M. These attributes show especially well on the screamy "Eyes" and the hook-heavy "Elevator Boots."

It might sound strange, but this interesting rock sound keeps one going and the nice collection of songs on this disc is cozy and close. At the same time has a sense of distance, like meeting an old friend and not knowing what to say, like your current day self going back and to the early '90s. The displacing but confident feel of this record is the band's strongest attitude and sets them above and apart from a lot of today's "pop-rock" acts.

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