Louisville Rock Closeup

Tim Owens

Name/Nicknames: Tim Owens- AKA "The Explosion," "Dragon Wizard," "Tim of Nazareth."

Age: 24.

Instrument: Drums.

Band/Former Bands: Currently- Surviving Thalia (Album Coming Soon) Formerly- The Slackers, Chosen Guilt, Nemesis, Assisted Infant Suicide, Fill-Dirt and Mr. McFeely's Off Day.

How Long On Instrument: 14 years.

Equipment: Pearl drums with a piccolo snare and roto toms. Many different cymbals and any stands I have that are not stripped.

Photo of Tim Owens
Tim Owens

Influences: Look What I Did, The Mars Volta, Dave Mathews Band, Primus, Harry Connick Jr, Ben Folds and Tub Ring.

First Gig: The Carl Casper Auto Show Battle of the Bands 1997 I think?

Hobbies: Painting and other Arts, Video Games, Louisville Basketball and of course Music.

Favorite Movies: Cool Runnings, American Psycho, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Napoleon Dynamite and WrestleMainia 6 (Hulk Hogan VS. The Ultimate Warrior).

Favorite Food: Qdoba and Holland 1620.

Favorite Place: The Hall of Freedom

My Bad Habits: I bite my nails, speed up songs at shows and hit the dog too much.

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: The Mars Volta, Jamie Cullum, Sondre Lerche and Look What I Did

Coolest Thing I've Done: Playing at last years LRS Fest in front of about 10,000 people.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Every time I screw up a song on stage.