Emo With Emotion

This is Hello (Maverick/Warren)


By Leslie Ritchie

This is my `hello' to a band of extraordinary talent - Beverly's album This is Hello is a CD that should be in everyone's collection.

Beverly hails from Orange County, Calif. Even though the OC music scene is huge, with all the musicians vying for attention, it makes it difficult for bands to really break through. So it's a testament to Beverly's talent that the band is signed with Maverick/Warren Records.

Beverly is your basic emo, punk rock type of band. You know: my-girl-just-broke-my-heart-so-let's-get-depressed-and-write-music type of stuff. But yet the fans go wild.

I would have to say Beverly has its own sound, but I would compare it to a mix of Fallout Boy and Trapt and many different emo bands. The music to me has a little more feeling to it, than most emo/punk music.

Beverly consists of five members: On vocals, it's Jon Staph; Russ Long and Justin Wright on guitar; Blaec (pronounced "Blake") Kalweit on bass and Kevin Bleitz on drums. The disc contains seven tracks, but "Take My Hand" stands out. It's one of those songs you find yourself listening to on a beautiful day, with the windows down and the stereo up full blast.

"Promise," however, would have to be my favorite. It's a depressing but earnest love song, reminding you of the feeling you get when you fall in love and you want to do whatever you can to be with that special person.

Staph's voice kept me, for the most part, interested in listening to the CD. He has that sexy punk-rocker voice that most girls dig. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Beverly play Warp Tour in the near future. (Yes, They are really this good.)

This is Goodbye, so check out This is Hello. Get the rest of the story at www.beverlyrock.com.