Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

Well here it is August. AUGUST, you are here already. My gosh, next thing we know Norris, Tennessee, time will be here and then Thanksgiving. At this rate, Christmas will have shot by and we are starting the whole thing all over and it'll be 2007. Well, let's get this one over before it gets away from us.

Successful ROMP

Skipping back a few weeks, as I said last month I would, to ROMP - River Of Music Party - at Owensboro, put on by the International Bluegrass Music Museum. Another successful weekend. Got to see good friends, get a little acquainted with some folks I had briefly met before and meet some I had never met. Enjoyed a few minutes with the Dillards. Found out that they were in ... do you know how many episodes of the Andy Griffith Show? Neither did I, so I asked and the answer is (banjo roll right here - never mind the drum) - 6! Aren't you glad you found that out today?

The Kruger Bros., as always, wowed the crowd. They have a friend that is apparently appearing with them quite a bit now. He was with them last year and also a hit with the folks. Maynard Holbrook is the gentleman's name. You'll probably be hearing more of him, especially if you see the Krugers.

Then there was an old friend, Bill Clifton. Bill is a fine Virginia gentleman who comes from not too far from my home. Bill spent a lot of time in England taking our kind of music to the folks there. Early in his career he worked with the Carter Family some and is a dedicated Carter fan. It is always good to see old friends and renew acquaintances.

I briefly met Doc Watson just before he went on. I told Doc that we have a mutual friend, Michael Cleveland. Doc's comment: "I think a lot of that boy."

Cherryholmes claimed the closing spot for the weekend and other forces claimed the end of their show. They played up a storm, literally and called off their last song due to lightning.

The Legends Show Thursday night had a lot of good folks on it, including The Dillards, Bill Clifton, Eddy & Martha Adcock and Bobby Osborne. Managed a visit with Bobby, which I always enjoy. I am sure most of you know that Sonny has stopped doing road shows and Bobby has formed a new band, Rocky Top Express. They have a new CD out. All in all, they were good shows and a good weekend.

While we're on the subject, a word for the Museum. Dedicated bluegrass fans should become members of the International Bluegrass Music Museum. As a member, you get to visit the Museum anytime. A visit is and can be a learning experience. They are collecting by video as much as possible with in-person interviews of the legends, the pioneers and these are for viewing in the Museum. Preserving the history of the music of our country, the music of bluegrass. It is a great project and does need support. Go, see for yourself and sign up. You'll feel good about it.

Brandenburg Hot!

Also this last month I went to the bluegrass festival at Brandenburg. Up front, attendance suffered a bit from the heat and still there was a good crowd and good acts: Don Rigsby & Midnight Call, Bluegrass 101, Tommy Brown, Gary Brewer and Pine Mountain Railroad. The folks behind it will be going on with it next year.

Gary's Shows

From Gary Brewer I got the word on a couple of his annual events. Gary will have his festival at Doe Run Inn, Brandenburg. This will happen on Saturday, August 12, beginning at 12 noon. In the way of acts, all I know at this time is Gary & the Ramblers and Dean Sapp.

Dean has a lot of fans in this area and I hope all of them will be out there. Looking forward to seeing Dean myself. What a combination - good music and good food and Doe Run is known for good food. That's where you take company. OH! I should mention the show is FREE.

Before we leave this, I asked Gary about the Iroquois show for this year. It is going to be moved to the Ohio Valley Race Track. That's all I have, so more details later.


Before I forget, a slight correction to last month's column. I thought I had this corrected but it still showed up. In reference to the Bardstown Festival, I mentioned visiting with Phillip Akemon not as it appeared Phillip Akeday. Never heard of such a name as that.

On the Air from the Fair

A bit of info here that I hope you will keep in mind and act on. For the first time, the very first time, WFPK will have a booth at the State Fair. On Sunday, August 20, Michael Young and I will broadcast our respective shows, "Roots & Boots" and "Sunday Bluegrass," from the Fair. This will be the first Sunday of the Fair. We are planning to have quite a time and hope many of you will be on hand to see what goes on. I'm so excited about this myself I can hardly wait to see what I'm going to do.

I will also be doing a stint in the Radcliff / Ft. Knox Tourism booth on Tuesday. You meet a lot of good folks this way.

And now from the August information desk:

WEST POINT, MUSIC RANCH USA: August5, Michael Goodman Experience with Christy Miller, Mike Lyerla and guest Don Hockersmith. August 12, Buck & Leah and Country Class. August 19, The Country Classics. August 26, Gospel matinee with the Turner Family of Bowling Green and The Gospel Five from Valley Station. August 26, regular show time, Slick Andrews with Bob Bowman.

Going to West, Virginia, August 4-6: Parsons Bluegrass Festival in Parsons, W. Va.: Cherryholmes, Ronnie Reno & Reno Tradition, Karl Shiflett & Big Country, Carolina Road, Cadillac Sky and more.

August 12, Doe Run Inn: Gary Brewer's festival. Free. Bullitt County Fairgrounds. Shepherdsville, Ky.

August 25-26, Bluegrass 101 festival: Bluegrass 101, Cherryholmes Family, David Davis & Warrior River Boys, Sammy Adkins & Sandy Hook Mtn. Boys, Paul Williams & The Victory Trio and Dean Osborne.

Well, time for a wrap-up for this time. A lot going on and I hope you will be there to see it. Don't forget the Fair broadcast and Sunday Bluegrass every Sunday night 8-11, WFPK 91.9 FM and streaming audio.