Enjoying Life (and the Music)

Them There Eyes (Independent)
Peach Pie Band

By Larry Alexander

So my wife and I are strolling through the Berea Crafts Festival recently seeking the unusual. The unusual is getting more difficult to find in this society where every city has the same stores and every artist is playing the same old thing. We start to walk by the Peach Pie Band - which was playing the event - and stop because there is a crazy guy playing the accordion. He is one of the most interesting entertainers I have ever seen and he is singing a song called "Get a Load of This." Sorta Cajun, sorta folk, sorta Ry Cooder, sorta who knows what. It was bassist/accordion player Ben Griffith [who used to play with the Bald Knob String Band. - Ed.] just having a ball with the song and life. I was hooked; I bought the CD. The group is Frankfort, Kentucky-based and recorded the CD in Shelbyville.

The title song "Them There Eyes" is reminiscent of Stephan Grapelli, with an especially exciting vocal. "Tiburon" was written by guitarist Tico Vogt and is almost a standard, with violin adding a very melancholy edge. "Love Handles," written by vocalist Jane Harrod says all you need to know. (Incidentally, Jane adds great vocals on all tunes.)

"Easy Does It," written by violinist Michael Ward, is a lesson in life telling us to reflect on our insane behavior and stop concentrating on the destination rather than the journey. "Humours of Larson/Ward's Lament" by Ward and guitarist Eric Larson is an instrumental tour of the mountains - very folksy and traditional. Larson's "Red, Red Wine" is a great little amusing ballad; "One Meatball" is an oldie with a great spin put on it and "Carrie's Waltz" is a very sweet accordion tune.

There is something to be said for intellectual maturity: it brings a sense of being very comfortable with oneself and reflecting that in what we do. The Peach Pie Band is right there and they bring an eclectic style to their music with that maturity. They are really doing this for fun and truly enjoy their impact on the audience.

Get a good taste at www.peachpieband.com.