Soulful. And Funky. And Rockin'.

Soul Of The River (Independent)
Soul Of The River

By Leslie Ritchie

"Oh to think Mr. McDoodle / What will happen if there's no music for your noodle? / Don't you fret, the funky rock grooves I will deliver / I will bring forth, The Soul Of the River."

Formed in 2002 in Southern California, these funk rockers create one unusual sound that will grab your attention in a second. The band consists of three effective guys: Brett Dawson, the man who brings the melodic vocals and guitar playing to this single. Rene Felix is the drummer, while Steve Hansen rocks out on bass.

This self-titled release has three very upbeat, blood-pumping tunes, so the music scene can get prepared for their upcoming album.

The first song, "B-side to the Honky Tonk Woman," put a smile on my face. It's a different sound that cannot be explained. The sound is one of a kind, that could make everyone from hard rockers to country fans rock out and get down.

"Daylight Honey" would have to be the most outstanding song listened to. It's not your everyday love song, with the tune's higher beat and the more passionate lyrics. "They Just Don't Get It," the last track on the CD, is a little different then the others, reminding me of an upbeat remix of a television theme song.

Soul of the River has created an unusual blend of songs that will immediately grab the attention of all listeners. The music on this CD is highly addicting and recommended, because of the different sound and passion throughout the CD.

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