Don't Be a Jug Hater, Yo

Live Lunch (Independent)

Juggernaut Jug Band

By Kory Wilcoxson

If you don't know the Juggernaut Jug Band, shame on you. Why haven't you bought one of their CDs? Why haven't you gone to see them at Clifton's Pizza? What are you, one of them anti-jug people? You got something against a well-played kazoo?

OK, here's another chance to catch one of Louisville greatest musical treasures. Live Lunch captures the JJB's performance on the WFPK show of the same name. The 13 songs and witty banter give listeners a good taste of what the JJB is all about - good music and lots of fun and not necessarily in that order.

But the JJB are more than just a bunch of pretty faces (boy, do I mean that metaphorically!). They know their craft, as demonstrated by their history lesson on jug band music as an introduction to their set. They also are outstanding musicians and you'll smile after each guitar solo or washboard percussion. Every song is a treat, but crowd favorites like "Lydia the Tattooed Lady," "You Gotta Have Skin," and "Foldin' Bed" stand out. And the live recording allows you to hear the crowd's groupie-like reaction every time Roscoe plays the jug.

Capturing the live sound also gives you a sense of how connected the JJB is to its audience and how much a live audience can better appreciate the genius of Roscoe, Gill Fish, Smiley Habanero and the recently departed Big Daddy T. Did you ever listen to the Doors song "People Are Strange" and think to yourself, "You know, the only thing this song is missing is a duck call and a slide whistle?" Well, here you go. If you're a JJB fan, Live Lunch will only make your heart swell even bigger with admiration for these cool dudes. If you're not a JJB fan, it's time, my friend. It's time.

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