Hard-rockin' in Southern Indiana

Ever (Independent)

Within a Tragedy

By Leslie Ritchie

Feeling like you need a different sound? Looking for something hard, yet wanting something that will get your blood pumping?

I have the perfect band for you, a band that consists of five very talented guys dubbed that go by the name Within a Tragedy. Terry Sandlin leads the group on vocals, while Dave Stevens and Jordan Aubrey plays lead guitar. Tom Santangelo is on bass and in the percussion section is Chris Cooper. The band formed after a previous band split and longing to make themselves heard, two of the members decided to make a fresh start by getting back into the local scene.

With a Tragedy is a band from Scottsburg, Indiana, with a sound that is simply unexplainable.

Ever, Within a Tragedy's debut album, features seven tracks. The only way I can explain their music would have to be a mix of System of a Down and Black Label Society, though it's difficult to compare this band with other artists.

Sandlin's vocals are quite unusual and the lyrics of each song are too, in its own little way. This is defiantly head-banging, moshing type music, but the songs are brilliantly arranged.

Track five, "Sea of Melancholy" is all-acoustic. This is the only down-tempo song on the album. Written and performed by Santangelo, "Melancholy" is also the only instrumental on the album. After listening to the first four songs, the acoustic sound of the tune will leave you with a relaxing feeling.

I would recommend this CD for anyone, not only local music lovers, but music lovers in general. Especially if you are tired of hearing the same old stuff and you need something new and improved. There aren't many local bands that share the same style as WAT. This is exactly what the local music scene needs.

Find out more at www.withinatragedy.com

. Or, check 'em out live February 4 at the Beechwood Park in Scottsburg, Ind.