F***ing Hard-Rocking F***ers

Metal Mountains (Dry Run Records)
The Defilers

By Kevin Gibson

Oh joyful rock. Yeah, right.

These Defilers, they take all the best cues from Iggy and the Stooges and throw in every grinding, angry guitar chord that Social Distortion ever threw away, then mix in a touch of Moby Grape and a heaping helping of churning, bluesy pissed-off Detroit garage rock. What's it sound like? Like a hurricane in a fart, that's what. With surprising melody and an edge that will make your mom call you a motherf***er.

And if you aren't careful, you'll even hear a little bit of Paul Stanley's vocal stylings channeling in through Scott Bacon's vocal chords. (Or is that Aaron May? Oh god, I'm sorry. He'll hate that anyway. Ah, screw it.)

Seriously, you gotta hear this Louisville group's song "Dog Bite." This is punk rock kicking garage rock's ass in a pool-hall gang war. And that drummer dude, Scott Brian, how many friggin' tom heads does he go through in a week's time? Guess it depends on how often they rehearse.

You know, I've figured out what this band really sounds like. It's the MC5 vomiting bile and s**tting blood in the back of a van Black Sabbath once used to carry its roadies' crap around on tour. It's the sound of your baby sister growing up too early, in the key of goddammit. It's the sound of your dog's bones under the wheels of the truck. Joe Hennesy's guitar must stink like bleak, resentful death after recording this album.

What, only nine songs? Ah crap, play 'em again. I'm not pissed off enough yet.

Find out more about these a**holes at www.thedefilers.net.