Jazz the Way it was Meant to Be

Just Feels Right (Narada Jazz)
Euge Groove

By Larry Alexander

Why do I like this CD so much? I really didn't want to because I have been so disappointed in jazz of late. Well, I read the insert and discovered that the CD was inspired by music of the 1970s. Songs were written for simplicity, with "real" instruments, generated on gear (analog recording) made before 1976. I have grown way too weary of "jazz" albums that all sound like they came out of a cookie cutter. Jazz exists for improvisation and Euge Groove has done it with this album. The co-artists on the album are superb.

The "Gimmealilclick," "Gonnatakeuhigher" and "Cantstopdafunk" cuts leave me wondering why, but they are high quality. 30-second selections always leave me wondering why. "Chillaxin" highlights a guitar solo by Paul Brown with a soprano sax backdrop. "Just My Imagination" is just exquisite, with particular emphasis on the sax. "This Must Be For Real" has an island syncopation that leads you to the beach. "Just Feels Right" features a tremendous melody with percussion. "Ballerina Girl" is a total surprise, presenting more of a classical framework. The work here is very soft jazz - music to dine by, music to dance to, music to lead you in the direction of romance.

Euge Groove has broken the standard mode and regressed to the "good old way of making music." And Groove has done it to perfection with a group of true artists.

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