Home-Grown, Passionate Rock

Stepping Stones EP (Independent)
Love Letter Effect

By Leslie Ritchie

Love Letter Effect is passionate with a beautiful sound, striving to have their own style, but still trying to make it accessible to all listeners.

Love Letter Effect's Stepping Stones EP has eight tracks. The first time putting the CD into my player, I was a little iffy - track one is a techno intro that lasts only a few seconds. "Stepping Stones" is the other instrumental song on the album. But the other six tracks are quite good, with "Wither" being the best of the bunch.

Matt Allinger, the lead singer for Love Letter Effect, has an amazing voice and great keyboard skills, but Matt couldn't do it without the rest of the band helping him out. We have Travis Swayze, giving him a hand on guitar and Rob Hendricksen on bass; there's also Jason Dill, the man who brings au unusual sound to his drumming and synthesizing skills, as well as Shane Holt with additional vocals, guitar and keyboards.

Founded in Southern Indiana in 2005,. Love Letter Effect went through several lineup changes before settling into the current lineup. They have played at many different venues throughout Southern Indiana.

There's a lot of synthesis in the album, with makes you get more interested in the music. These guys did a wonderful job with the music and the lyrics on Stepping Stone. You can buy LLE's CD at all shows - get it while you can before they hit the charts.

Bottom line, if I were Roper or Ebert, I'd give these guys two thumbs up.

Check 'em out online at www.myspace.com/lovelettereffect.