A New Direction

Of Sound Mind (Independent)

Of Sound Mind

By Kory Wilcoxson

It's both fitting and ironic that the cover art for Of Sound Mind's EP features the periodic table. It's fitting because this newly formed Midwest band (including Louisville drummer and promoter Terry Harper and former Louisvillian David Frazier on vocals) has great chemistry, churning out a sound that bands with much more longevity would envy. The irony is that Of Sound Mind's lyrical slant is decidedly Christian, focusing much more on spirituality than science.

"I Am" kicks off the CD in inspired way, starting with a creeping guitar riff before exploding with the Metallica-like crunch of Duncan Kallas' guitar, while Harper and bassist Lee Miles lay down a controlled-chaos bassline. Frazier, who is probably best know for his work in Outspoken, doesn't quite follow the James Hetfield bent as a vocalist, instead settling more into a Switchfoot-type groove (another popular band with a Christian foundation).

The CD gets better with each successive song. Frazier infuses "Worth Fighting For" with a passionate growl and moves smoothly from despair to hope on "Faith at 4 A.M." While not being overt about their faith, Of Sound Mind leaves no doubt about the source of their inspiration: "I am/Because of you I am" they sing on the opening track ("I Am" is the English translation of the Hebrew name for God).

With the recent success of several Christian rock bands (Relient K and P.O.D. come to mind, along with Switchfoot), the soil is fertile for the growth of a spiritual revival in rock music. Of Sound Mind is poised not only to make a name for themselves, but to shout the name of the One who has given them new life.

This band is the result of an inspirational story - Frazier, who has quite a bit of experience in the music business, had gone down the difficult road of drug addiction, effectively bringing his music career to a halt. His new outlook and his good fortune to hook up with Harper, Kallas and Miles, brought him back into the fold of music.

And according to the band's website, Frazier and his companions have just been signed by Villa Entertainment Group, so the future for Of Sound Mind looks absolutely divine.

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