Musical Expertise, Electronica Style

Karmony (Louipimps Records)


By Kory Wilcoxson

Andrew Aebersold, Radianation mastermind and New Albany resident, has been around the local music scene since the late 1980s. During that time, while honing his skills in local clubs, Aebersold has grown in both his style (from synth-pop to a more musically diverse repertoire) and the band's makeup (he's added vocalist Annie Gibson and had other local musicians contribute).

Karmony is only the band's third official release, but it demonstrates a musical expertise more fitting to Aebersold's formal musical training and experience in the biz. While all of the songs are danceable, Radianation avoids the monotony that plagues similar artists. Gibson's lilting vocals provide a pleasant contrast to Aebersold's beats, giving the music more texture and depth.

Aebersold's skill for putting together a song are on full display on Karmony. On "Dr. Sicks," he starts with a relentless thumping bassline, then adds layer upon layer until the song pulses with a kinetic energy that makes dancing mandatory. Much like this prime example, each song on the album succeeds in its own way.

Gibson is actually the second vocalist for Radianation, replacing original vocalist, Sarah Dean. Aebersold met Gibson by chance in a nearby restaurant, mentioned that he ran his own record label that specialized in electronica and Gibson revealed that she was a singer who would love to sing over that style of music. An audition was arranged and Karmony was the result, a new turn in Radianation's history.

All in all, the album is a sonic how-to manual on putting together electronica music and Aebersold proves himself to be a most capable teacher.

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