Interesting Hardcore That is ... Well, Interesting

True Nature Unfolds (Fullsteam)


By Leslie Ritchie

How to describe Callisto? A metalcore band from Finland. Hardcore foreign rock. Perhaps I should just say these guys have put together a very interesting album.

True Nature Unfolds, Callisto's debut album, released by Fullsteam Records, is an impressive, entertaining venture - aggressive one moment, strangely passive the next.

The lead vocals on the album come from Markus Myllykangas, with a little help from Juho Niemela on backing vocals and bass. In the percussion and synthesizer sections, we have Ariel Bjorklund on drums and Arto Karonen messing with synthesizer and samplers. The outstanding guitar playing comes from Johannes Nygard. Guest contributions bring in sounds from saxophones, glockenspiel, cello and more. Like I said: interesting.

The sound takes a little getting used to; the CD holds so many different emotions, I wasn't sure whether to be scared and cry, or bounce off the walls.

I would recommend this CD to anyone who digs foreign death metal. I wouldn't, however, pop this CD into the player if you are suffering from heart problems. Ahem. I think most rock listeners will enjoy this album, especially with the never-ending wonder of what is going to come next.

You can check these guys out online at It's an interesting site.