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Name/Nicknames: Lance Arny

Age: 31

Instrument: Guitar

Band/Former Bands: Leviticus, Shapeless Matrix, Flaw and my new band, Nail Gun Strategy. I am also working on a new semi-solo project in the near future.

How Long On Instrument: About 16 years. My stepdad had one that I played. Metallica's "Fade to black" was the first song I learned.

Equipment: Ibanez and Paul Reed Smith guitars, Mesa Boogie triple rectifier amp, Digitech effects, MXR pedals and a 9090 stereo power amp.

Influences: A lot of old school thrash like Metallica, Exodus, Testement, Slayer, Megadeth and stuff of that nature. As guitarists go, I like Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Randy Rhoads.

First Gig: At Sparks on Main Street. It was my second band Shapeless Matrix. I remember this show well, because before the show I went out to the car and when I came back, they wouldn't let me in! They said "you arent 21, sorry pal." So I try to tell them I'm in the band playing and they still give me chit. Finally...after much drama, they let me play the show, but first took my free beer tokens and kicked me out right after our set.

Hobbies: 4:20, drinking beer, spanking my monkey like it owed me money and I really still do enjoy video games. Right now, I'm kickin butt on Battlefield and have recently gotten out my old super nintendo system and played some Super Mario. I love the new advancements in video games, but the old games are classic!

Favorite Movies: Anything slapstick, like "Airplane," "Monty Python" and anything with Will Ferrell in it.

I also like the old "Star Wars" movies, "Predator" and the TV show "Reno 911."

Favorite Food: Sushi! Taco Bell and a big, beany bowl of chili.

Favorite Place: AMSTERDAM! Flaw spent three days there and I loved it. The freedom of living there just cant be beat, especially if you enjoy 4:20. I also love it out West: Sacramento, San Fran, Vegas, Reno. I love NYC and Chicago's House of Blues, too.

Photo of Lance Arny
Lance Arny

My Bad Habits: Too many. I like to drink too much. Budweiser and Jäger is my vice. I eat too much junkfood. Scratching my scrotums and butt, then smelling my finger.

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: Evergrey, Nevermore, Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Woo Tang and locally, Incursion and Antikythera.

Oh, yeah, and the other guitarist for Nail Gun Strategy andy Russ, who is an amazing, all-around musician and kick-arse guitarist. The chit he comes up with is wicked.

Coolest Thing I've Done: Playing Ozfest in 2002 with Flaw, actually opening up for my hero, playing for 5000 to 30,000 people. The European tour was great as well. And finding my girlfriend Kim.

Most Embarrassing Moment: On tour with Flaw at a show, I was really into playing and was headbanging bigtime throwing my dreads around in circular motion when I suddenly blacked out and collapsed backward into my guitar rig, making it tetter and almost tipping it over.

Another time in Texas, at a gig, the venue fed us all kinds of great food, later buzzed, I was hanging with the fellas in the band and I tried to fart, but instead, a big nasty bubble of wet poo erupted into my britches. I had sharted right there in front of everyone!