Doing it All and Then Some

Dusty Roads (Dusty Grass Records)
Justin Moses

By Bob Mitchell

Holy cow! Moses does everything except leap tall buildings in a single bound, so don't be surprised to see Moses leap into prominence in the world of bluegrass. He does it all: lead, tenor and high baritone vocals, mandolin, banjo, guitar, Dobro and bass.

Dusty Roads is an energetic recording with fingers flying in all directions and most of the fingers belong to the multi-talented Moses. His first single release features phenomenal musicianship from start to finish. For example, on several tracks, with over-dubbing, Moses is the only musician on the toe-tapping "Old Federal," "Comin' Up A Cloud," "Rounding The Bases" and the progressive sounding "Turning Point."

Whether he is playing alone or getting a little help from his friends, Moses displays a smooth, innovative technique. His authoritative approach is fresh yet filled with the soul of traditional bluegrass. Speaking of friends, Moses has some good ones, including Blue Moon Rising Bandmates Tim Tipton (bass), Chris West (guitar and tenor) and Keith Garrett (guitar and lead vocal) and guests Steve Gully (tenor) and Andy Leftwich (fiddle).

Other favorites are "Heart of Alabama," a heartwarming love story; "Dawn Brings Sunlight" a beautiful melody that is reminiscent of walking through a forest with a gently flowing creek and the no-holds-barred instrumental, "Impact."

Moses is a one-man band who will have you shaking your head in amazement. On a five-point scale of excellence, this release merits a five.

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