Photo of Mathan McDaniel
Mathan McDaniel

Louisville Rock Close-up

Name: Nathan McDaniel

Age: 26

Instrument: Guitar

Band/Former Bands: Kallus, Filth Porn, Synaptic Dissent, Antikythera

How Long on Instrument: 16 yrs

Equipment: A modded Carvin Steve Vai Legacy Head 1973 Ampeg SVT 4X12; a plethora of effects pedals. Guitars: Mid-Nineties Ibanez RG-5, Peavey V-Type FR, and a Fender Tele-Baritone.

Influences: Steve Vai, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dream Theater, Black Sabbath (Ozzy Era), Slayer, Black Metal and Meshuggah.

First Gig: It was at Fern Creek Community Center with Mindstorm, Undecided, Dump Gang. I was in a Band called Autopsy and we sucked really badly that night.

Hobbies: Jamming, Smoking and from time to time, Synchronized Swimming. I have an amazing dogpaddle technique.

Favorite Movies: The Evil Dead Trilogy, Red Dawn, the Burbs and almost any horror movie.

Favorite Food: I'm a vegetarian, so almost anything a rabbit would eat, including rabbit food.

Favorite Place: As long as I'm lifted, I really don't care where I am, but I prefer a warm, soft place most of the time.

My Bad Habits: You name `em I probably got `em or will have them eventually.

What I Am Listening to Nowadays: Frederik Thordendal's solo album; Behemoth; Neil Diamond; Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and a lot of Prog Rock.

Coolest Thing I Have Done: I'm not a real cool person, so there isn't much. I did save a bunch of hamsters from a raging inferno once, even though I set the fire passin' out while chiefin.'

Most Embarrassing Moment: There are so many. Probably my first gig or puking while doing shots with Michael Amott after an Arch Enemy show.