Mister Metal's Original Rock Showcase

By Jason Ashcraft

What do you do on the first Friday of every month? Chances are you just got paid 10% of what you're worth and you're yearning for somewhere to burn that 10% before the other 90% gets sent back up the corporate ladder. Here is your chance to keep some of it in the city as many of Louisville's original rock supporters have done for years. Phoenix Hill Tavern gives home to the Original Rock Showcase, hosted by fellow LMN writer Eddy Metal.

From musicians destined for success to those playing in distress, this series has been the pillar of consistency in our original rock music scene for many years. It's the longest-running showcase of original music talent this scene has ever known. Starting as the Unsigned Extreme in 1997 at the Toy Tiger, which catered more to metal and hard rock bands, the series has now been known as The Original Rock Showcase since 2000 and has both made and perhaps broken the musical careers of some of the diverse group of musicians who have claimed its stage.

The March 2007 showcase was no different. Opening was a relatively unrehearsed Boom Orangutan; the usual large crowd didn't notice that the show had begun until 16 Bones took the stage. Fronted by former My Own Victim vocalist Sailor, plus longtime scenesters Bryan Fox and Jason Koerner, they brought a style that could best be classified as country alt rock with a beautiful violinist to keep your eyes occupied and your ears in tuned in. But that beautiful vision was shattered when Antikythera gave the emotional climax to the night. Breaking out my hearing protection so I could approach the stage, I listened as these guys began their annihilation of the senses. Second Hand Grenade and Sulfate had a lot of energy to carry over after Antikythera, but they kept the masses going till the wee hours of the night.

When asked what Eddy thinks of his production from his own point of view, he says, "The ORS is a lot more than just a rock concert, its a monthly meeting place/party for musicians, fans of Louisville original music and a great place to network your band. You can't beat the exposure!" That's true, because whether the music is heavy or hippie; slamming or sucking, the core of our original rock scene attains a spot onstage at Phoenix Hill Tavern on these nights.

Simply stated, you'll see either talent or lack thereof, but always original. That's because Eddy lets all musicians have their shot. From that point on their music is the dictator of all things to come. Even if not well-received by the crowd, musicians leave with a sense of knowing where they need to improve.

Overall, the ORS has been and will be one of the most anticipated monthly original music attractions, all without being exploited out by out-of-town capitalists. So keep your money in our own back yard by marking the First Friday of every month off your calendar. Speaking of which make sure you check out the upcoming April 6th showcase, headlined by Heaven Hill, a band surely destined for a bright future. Meanwhile, send your writing suggestions to ash_ent@yahoo.com