Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Photo of Keith Warren
Keith Warren

Name: Keith Warren ("The Terrible")

Age: 23 & 17/32

Instruments: Acoustic guitar, piano, the good old wind pipes and the occasional kazoo.

Band/Former Bands: I'm currently in the band Thorn, but before that I was a traveling phenom with the Keith Warren Band, but he got to be a real dick. So I left to play on greener pastures.

How long on instrument: I've been playing the guitar since I was 20, piano since I was 18, singing since the shower was invented, and the kazoo? That started back in pre-school. I won the All-State kazoo championships and the rest is history. Look it up.

Equipment: This is a scary question for me; I'm a starving musician. I play a Dean Jumbo Cutaway and plug it into whatever I can. (Ladies, please, do not contact me in regards to the previous statement)

Influences: I have lots of influences. I grew up listening to my dad's Kansas and Eagles stuff, but I craved an edge to the sword I was stabbing my ears with, so I went out and discovered guys like G.W.A.R. and Pantera. Eventually, I settled on the soulful sounds of '90s grunge and the great British boom of the era. I'd have to say my most prominent influence is Silverchair, though.

My first gig: I remember my first gig like it was yesterday. It's where I met my current bassist and best friend Nick Priddy. I strolled into Jillian's one night to see a band battle and figured I'd see if they'd let me play. Turns out they had an opening; one of the bands didn't show. I was floored, played it solo and went on to win the battle for that night, pushing me into the finals. It was quite the memorable experience.

Hobbies:. In my spare time? I tend my herb garden. I read a lot of philosophy and sit in deep thought often. I suppose it's my nature.

Favorite movies: I like complicated movies, the kind that make you watch them again and again just to understand what's going on. I don't like my media handed to me on a sliver platter.

Favorite food: It's a tie between fourth meal and Carabas. I love Italian food like a fat kid loves cake, and trust me, fat kids love cake. But they also like tacos. I'm so confused... wait, maybe I'm not.

Favorite place: I would have to say the rings of Uranus. I've never been there, but I'm sure if I ever end up there, I'll never want to leave.

Bad habits: I bite my nails when I get nervous and pick my nose in public, sometimes, like any good American hippie does. And sometimes I fart in large groups of people, then dart off. I like watching the blame game evolve.

What I'm listening to nowadays: I've been mixing it up lately, trying to get a new spin on my perception of the music world. It's become a rather 'dog eat dog,' sell-out type of industry, but mainstream can't be overlooked because it's mainstream. An artist must be open to the sound he hates to produce the sound he loves. Yet likewise, he has to retain his passion for the sounds he loves to realize what sounds he hates. I've been listening to it all.

Coolest thing I've done: Play in my new band Thorn.

Most embarrassing moment: Back in high school, I went to a hotel party with a bunch of my friends and got hammered. The last thing I remembered was lying naked in the bathtub until the next school day, when I saw copies of my naked, drunken self posted on all the lockers all over campus. I got lots of sexual offers from some rather hot ladies off those pictures though, so I suppose it worked to my favor.