Destined For Blue-Collar Greatness

Sinners Like Me (Capitol)
Eric Church

By Rob Greenwell

Eric Church's first album, Sinners Like Me (Capitol), is a brilliant piece of artistry. However, from the initial onset, this album appears very simplistic. A good ol' boy singing about lovin' and drinkin' and sinnin'. But there is a lot of deep meaning in these songs. While it appears on the surface that he is just a redneck doing some hell-raisin', as you look deeper in these songs, you realize Church pours out his heart and soul on all of these tracks, showing us city folk how life is like growing up in the "sticks."

His first single for country radio really allowed people to be introduced to his style of music. "How Bout You" is a rockin' country number about being a blue-collar, getting-up-early-to-go-to-work, flag-waving, good ol' boy. This song had decent success at radio, really introducing Church to country music fans.

"Two Pink Lines," a cute little song about what every young couple has worried about from time to time: being pregnant. This song had very limited success at radio and for the life of me, I don't know why. All the way through this album you see the theme of growing up blue-collar in the United States. "Sinners Like Me," the album's title track and maybe the deepest song on here, discusses themes of loving momma, daddy and God. Finally, Church's current single "Guys Like Me" seems to be almost biopic, but I think it's the honesty in the song that has fans gravitating toward him and the song racing up the charts.

Take more than one listen to this album and you will get to know Church and how he was brought up. This album is simplistic, yet very deep and an all-around good start to what will be a long career for the artist.

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