Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: Ryan Nix (Lead Singer/Lead Guitarist/Leader of the Sulfate Nation) You can just call me "Master"

Age: 26

Instrument: 2 ESP EC 1000's Black/Black Cherry, ESP Explorer, Give me ESP or Give me Death!

Band/Former Bands: SULFATE

Ryan Nix

How long on instrument: 7 years

Equipment: Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead, Boss Super Chorus, Zakk Wylde Signature Wah

Influences: Me, Jesus, Zakk Wylde

My first gig: Twice Told Performance Cafe, Buckner Kentucky, 2000

Hobbies: Spitting, Killing, Pillaging, Kickin' faces in, Melting faces off with my guitar, Giving out Sulfacials

Favorite movies: "Evil Dead II," "Shock 'Em Dead: (featuring Michaelangelo from Nitro), "Ice Pirates"

Favorite food: Creamed Corn

Favorite place: Onstage, bringing metal to the masses

Bad habits: Spitting, kicking puppies

What I'm listening to nowadays: Pantera, BLS, Lordi, SULFATE

Coolest thing I've done: I played a gig recently, in mid-head bang I spit straight up in the air, it went about 10 feet up, then I caught it in my mouth, it was pretty sweet.

Most embarrassing moment: Embarrassment is for the weak.