Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: Sől

Age: 34

Instrument: Lead Guitar/Lead vocals

Band/Former Bands: Shattered Reality (Metal), Blue #12 (Blues), Many impromptu jams with local and regional musicians playing various types of music. The Sől concept is what all things are based around.

How long on instrument: 20 years. I currently teach guitar and bass @ P.M.C. on Preston and Outer Loop. I keep a roster of around 30 students of varying levels of ability. Specializing in Music Theory, Rock, Metal, Acoustic, Blues, and what have you.

Equipment: Custom G & L is my main axe. I also play Hamer, Fender, Washburn Acoustic, and B.C. Rich Bichs'. My pedals are all custom made Fulltone. I play either with my Marshall Plexi Modified by Steve Wilson (SRV's Amp Tech, it can really hurt somebody) or my Russian designed Redbear plugged into a Genz Benz G-flex 2*12. Influences: Jeff Buckley, James Marshall Hendrix, Dave Mustaine, Jaco, Ray Charles, my brother, Tom Waits, Bjork, Pantera and life.


First Gig: My first gig was when I was 15 at a Halloween party. We were supposed to play 3 Misfits songs, but the singer was too nervous to sing and the bass player forgot the changes. I just turned my little Peavey amp all the way up and played a solo for 15 minutes. Some things never change...

Hobbies: Bringing the stone cold groove that cannot be denied.

Favorite movies: Just took my mother to see Beowulf 3-D. It was unbelievable. Very unsettling. I dug it.

Favorite food: whole turkeys.

Favorite place: Haven't found my Favorite place yet. Most artists put "the stage" but it never really mattered to me. Music carries the same message no matter where you play if you play with sincerity. I play for myself and occasionally for someone I care very much for. Around someone who knows the deeper part of me would be a good place. Went to Panama City Beach with some close friends, it was beautiful. Brought my acoustic (of course) loved playing while looking at the moon and listening to the tides.

Bad habits: My mom is going to read this. I am an Angel.

What I'm listening to nowadays: The voices inside my head.

Coolest thing I've done: Been lucky to play with a lot of great musicians. Playing rock, metal, blues, jazz, reggae, acoustic, whatever has a good groove and you can feel it in your loins.

Most embarrassing moment: Well, that's a loaded question. So many tales to tell, so little time. If you know me, you know a story or twelve. My life is never boring.

Who do you love: My momma!

When/where did you first get some: Picture this. I was 14. There was a waterbed. It was dark and I was confused as all hell. Its always better with someone you care about and have a connection with. Life's too short to sleep with just anyone. You might get a case of those Louisville lesions! Things could fall off.