21st Century Girls

We Are the Pipettes (Interscope Records)
The Pipettes

By Kory Wilcoxson

Well, this is different, in the best kind of way. The British trio The Pipettes is a return to bubblegum pop without the sticky nostalgia, a cross between 1950s innocence and 21st century feminism. It's Peggy Lee meets Jennifer Garner. Call them Laura Croft and the Supremes.

On first listen the girls may come across as a bit gimmicky, but a few spins are enough to prove that Gwenna, Rosay and Riotbecki have the balls to back up the act. They're not afraid to claim they are "the prettiest girls you've ever met," and while they may not be able to live up to that label (although they're pretty easy on the eyes), by the end of the disc they certainly earn the title of Most Rocking-est Chicks from Across the Pond.

Each track is a standout, most notably the piece of pop perfection "Pull Shapes" and the sing-a-long "ABC." The girls can beckon you forward ("I Love You"), push you back ("Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me"), or just make you dance ("Dirty Mind"). While the Pipettes may ultimately have the substance of cotton candy, they sure taste sweet.

Lick it up at www.thepipettes.co.uk.