But It MUST Be Love

I Knew It Wasn't Love But ... (Shake It Records)
Viva La Foxx

By Kevin Gibson

Geez, I think I'm in love. Not only does Viva La Foxx play an old-school kind of hardcore punk that makes my soul sing, but bassist/vocalist DB plays a Fender Squier bass just like mine. I mean, is it fate? Or is it just me?

Probably just me. But if you listen to this CD, you'll be in love too. This is more than just punk - this is a thumping, full-body, rhythm-and-blues-infused orgasm in the basement of some dank, Detroit garage. While drunk on something you'd later swear you'd never drink.

This salacious, eight-song collection never lets up, coming at you like some lost live punk album from the late 1970s - one part Patti Smith, one part Wendy O. Williams and one part the Runaways. (I think I hear a Hendrix influence in there, too. And maybe Johnny Winters.) And while the lyrics can be difficult to discern at times, it's apparent the subject matter is heavily permeated with sexual innuendo, sexual intent and sexual sex. And that's OK. It works. If "Fake It" doesn't tell you something, then maybe "Dirty Drill" or "Leftovers" will. And it's not a coincidence that "Spitrocksfire" rhymes with "desire." And "Clubnite" - holy crap, it's a turn-on just to listen to it.

Really, this is a can't-miss. The band recently was voted best hardcore/punk band by the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards and my guess is this is only the beginning for Viva La Foxx. I know I'll be looking forward to the follow up - that is, if I can catch my breath after I Knew It Wasn't Love.

Catch 'em at the Southgate House in Covington on January 7, or visit www.lafoxxmusic.com.

(Pssst. DB: E-mail me if you want to see my Squier.)