Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

Somebody wake me, please. I MUST be dreaming it's column time. Let me check those piled-up newspapers again. Well that was no help, they say it's June the 19th and that means it's deadline time already. Why just a few days ago, it was my birthday and that is in the early part of June and now, already it's time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA, USA and 4th of July fireworks and stuff. Hey, what say we give the kids an idea of the good old-fashioned (that's not a dirty expression) celebration. Pack a picnic, go to a park of your choice, play a little with the kids, horse shoes, maybe a little ball game, lunch on the ground, fire works perhaps a flag and pledge of allegiance. Keep it simple, safe, closely family oriented. Try it, you'll like it.

Been a very active month. I had the good fortune to share a few days with my daughter and my great granddaughter. I went to Virginia and had ten very good days. A new riding mower for my daughter, some special events with her and granddaughter such as watching Mellie (great granddaughter) fishing for the first time. Another day and we went to the Natural Bridge Zoo. Mellie was fascinated with the monkeys. One day when we were out, Sherry took me up on Liberty Mountain to locate and visit Jerry Falwell's grave. We also looked around Thomas Road Baptist Church which is now located on Liberty Mountain. An enjoyable trip all around and boy was I tired when I got to the end of the 525-mile drive home alone.

It seems there is no catching up. I got back here on Friday, did a small bit of tiding things up around the house including doing laundry and getting some material together for "Sunday Bluegrass." Sunday to church and to Louisville for Sunday Bluegrass. Monday again and off to Vine Grove Optimist Park for the jamming session going on every Monday night, 6 to about 9. Interest and attendance appears to be picking up. This brings to mind that there is bluegrass on the Belle of Louisville every Sunday. Boarding begins at 1, cruise leaves at 2 and returns by 4. These bluegrass cruises will continue until September. A good way to spend an afternoon. The rest of this week will be taken up with ROMP in Owensboro.

What's' going on: Every Monday night at Vine Grove Optimist Park from 6 - 10, jamming. There will be help for learners from those that already have. If you don't pick, then just bring a chair and listen and visit. If you read this in time there will be a benefit show at White Acres Campground, Bardstown for Wendell Cornett. Wendell had a fall a couple of weeks ago and as of this writing was in the hospital. Time: Sunday, July 1, beginning at 1 p.m. until 8 or so. Bands committed at this time are Bluegrass 101, Dry Ridge, Sassafras, Stringtown, Tommy Brown and County Line Grass, Wendell's Music Shop Band, Hoot Hester and Friends, Shades of Grass and more. Sassafras will be playing at the Ryman Auditorium July 12, 6 p.m. July 6 and 7, C. R. Wilson Bluegrass Festival, Derby, Indiana featuring Bluegrass 101 (Fri.), Blue River (Fri.), Mountain Rhythm w/Todd and Kevin Autry (Fri.), Cherryholmes (Sat.), Michael Cleveland and Flame Keeper w/Audie Blaylock (Sat.), Tommy Brown and County Line Grass (Sat.),

Well friends, neighbors, bluegrassers and other kin, I'm afraid that's about it unless something else comes to mind before I hit the send button. Take care of yourself, don't do nothing rude, inappropriate or just plain dumb, have a good sane 4th and be back for the next Sunday show on WFPK, Sunday Bluegrass that is.