Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

I've been posting items on the website on a daily basis for the past month, in an effort to stay a bit more even with all that is going on the city. I intend to continue the practice. Some of that will wind up in this column but not all, so if you're really interested, log onto the site and check it out. You can add comment. Just click the Editor's Blog button for the post and comment section.

I was inspired by a recent comment attributed to a highly placed official with The New York Times, who said "I don't know if we'll be printing a paper edition three years from now." If the Times is heading full tilt toward the web, who am I to lollygag in the rear? Besides, there's a whole lot more space there, plus video.

According to a report requested from the Recording Industry Association of America by the Associated Press, Western Kentucky University is on the list of top-25 schools for illegally downloaded music. Some things never change.

Sirius and XM Radio, the two pay-to-listen satellite radio companies, are seeking to merge, according to a recent announcement. The deal requires the approval of both the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission, since there are clearly anti-trust laws to be circumvented. While no announcement has made about what name of the merged companies might have, it's clear that the immediate money is on XS.

The February/March issue of the Ball-Buster Hard MUSIC Report is out. Take a look at

The Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency in the Commerce Department, has announced the awarding of funds to a number of Louisville arts groups. Among them are:

The Louisville Orchestra - $182,025

The Fund For the Arts - $75,988

The Louisville Ballet - $74,969

The Kentucky Opera Association - $66,287

Louisville Youth Orchestra - $6,015

The Bach Society - $3,310

The Arts Council of Louisville $2,234

The Louisville Chorus - $1,000

Derby City Chorus - $1,000

Got a call recently reporting that Bobby Lanz has moved back to town from Dustin, Florida. He's back gigging around town. We'll try to keep you up..

"The Abbey Road Road On The River" Festival, a.k.a. The Beatles Fest, has settled in Louisville for keeps, plus it will expand to five days in May, just in time for the 40th anniversary of the Summer Of Love (Has it really been that long?).