Find Out Who Your Fans Are

For the Love (Rocky Comfort Records)
Tracy Lawrence

By Rob Greenwell

Tracy Lawrence has always been known as a little bit of a hell-raisin' good ole boy. He has had his brushes with the law just like any one with a little crimson shade on the back of his neck. But really, Lawrence is also known for having some of the purest vocals in country music. His ability to make you feel the pain and hurt in a song is second to only the icons of the genre.

With his new album, For the Love, Lawrence has gone the way with which many have experimented - he has formed his own record label with his brother. Rocky Comfort Records allows Tracy to record his music the way he wants to and not let the establishment dictate what is good.

For the Love is a new step for Lawrence; he is not trying to establish himself anymore. He had is run in the 1990s with major hits like "If The World Had a Front Porch," "Texas Tornado," "Alibis"and many, many more. This is an album allows him to stretch a little, but yet still go back to what he is known for.

"Find Out Who Your Friends Are" is the first single, a great song that showcases Lawrence's twangy country vocals. He also gets help from friends Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, which takes the song to new heights. There is some hell-raisin' going on with "You Can't Hide Redneck"and "Just Like That."

"You're Why God Made Me" is a pure country song that allows Lawrence to do what he does best. The diamond in the rough though might end up being the album's title track. This song is a duet with Brad Arnold, the lead singer of 3 Doors Down. The message is strong, the vocals are great - the only drawback is that it just may be too rough around the edges for country radio.

Lawrence's first project from his own record company probably won't be a smashing success from a radio and airplay standpoint, but it allows a true artist like Lawrence to have the freedom to do what he does best: sing great songs with his own soulful country feel.