Nothing Broken Here

Damage of this Day (Broken City Records)
Kevin Elliot and the Broken

By Kory Wilcoxson

I hope Kevin Elliot hasn't shot himself in the foot by making "Teleport" the first single of his debut album, Damage of This Day. While the song isn't a career-killer, the restrained lyrics and "Star Trek 90210" subject matter don't give the cursory listener an accurate sense of what Elliot and his band, the Broken, have to offer.

Elliot, a former Lexington resident and Ambercrombie and Fitch model, shows a depth of maturity and introspection that pushes him past other pop-rock groups like Matchbox 20. While the sounds are similar, Elliot's voice is carries more emotion and his lyrics honestly address deeper war wounds and self-inflicted scars.

This vulnerability is the power behind Elliot's music. He isn't afraid to reveal his less-than-perfect past, like the drug confessional "Desperate Days," or to lament the dangers of such a lifestyle, as he does on "Cloudy Life," a tribute to his cousin who died of an overdose.

If you didn't listen to the words, however, you would think Elliot just likes to rock. Elliot adds a bit of punk or blues when appropriate, but most of Damage is flat out barroom rock, without the drunk guy behind you sloshing beer on your girlfriend. Elliot has the look and feel of a success; Damage could teleport him much higher.

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