Found and Lost

Lost Since Graduation - EP (Independent)
The October

By Tim Roberts

Just after you had gotten the shrink wrap off of Bye, Bye Beautiful and played it a few times (or more than a few), The October tosses a quick follow up, Lost Since Graduation, at you. It's a six-song EP that's short, sweet and all congealed in moody power-pop that hits you like a forgotten bittersweet memory.

A good thing about an EP is that the band or performer can share a short set of songs that can have a theme. For Lost, The October considers the topic of, well, loss. And the title cut gives the best summary, about young people who were close during their school years, or who at least thought they were and are trying to reach out of their impending adulthood back to when no dream was impossible. And the band pulls off the song without the least bit of maudlin feelings or cheesy sentiment.

Then there's "Runaway," with a riff that time-trips back into 1980s synth pop, about a girl always escaping from anything resembling love and anything that dares a broken heart to commit. And pessimism gets a face-off in "Don't Color the Sky Blue."

There's more, to be sure, but not much.

Lost Since Graduation has only a few short, warm and sunny selections, just like the month from which the band takes its name has only a few warm days. Enjoy it as much as you can, because, like life after graduation is like some days in October: The cold sets in when you never expect it to.

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