Short 'n Sweet (and That's Too Bad)

Edgehill Ave. (Independent)
Edgehill Ave.

By Tim Roberts

The EP: four or five songs on a disc, a good way for a young band to cast some bread upon the waters or for experienced acts to rake in a few extra dollars from fans. For young bands, they're usually trial runs that land somewhere in between "We didn't have the money to stay in the studio long enough to record more for a full album" to "We're not sure we know what we're doing." For the pros, they're just leftovers from other sessions. Releasing an EP is like throwing us a bone to gnaw on until the next full album.

Louisville's Edgehill Ave. has released its debut self-titled EP, but it doesn't seem to fall anywhere between those descriptions. It is a lure, a tease almost. If indeed they are just casting bread, we should demand the whole loaf the next time. This debut release is Americana music done right and well: lots of acoustic instrumentation handled sensibly and sensitively, dark and subdued when necessary (as in "Hey Sunshine," the opening track) and sunny and energetic when it needs to be ("60 Days" and the blue-eyed soul-influenced "Let It Go").

Could we say more? Possibly. But only if Edgehill Ave. had given us more. So this is a polite request for them to finish the job. This first taste was free (or reasonably inexpensive). And now we may be willing to pay full price.

Go to it, guys.

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