Chris Knight Interview

By Brandi Lee Dixon

BLD- You're from Slaughters, Kentucky and you worked as a mine consultant?

CK- Yeah, I did that for five years after I got out of college and then I worked for the state for another five years.

BLD- How did you get into songwriting?

CK-well, I been playing guitar since I was 15 ...

BLD- Taught yourself?

CK- Yeah, I just starting writing one night after I'd played for a while and I just kept at it.

BLD- Your debut was in '98 (self titled)?

CK- yeah, that came out in 98. I've got five out now.

BLD- The latest, The Trailer Tapes, is unreleased material?

CK- Yeah, I recorded it in '96. Solo acoustic before I ever made my first studio record. We just put it out last April.

BLD- What made you put it out?

CK- It had kind of taken on a life of its own. People were talking about it, so me and my manager, we got to talkin' 'bout it couple years ago, thinkin' we'd put it out [and] maybe it'd be something people wanted to get. I had done some demos as a songwriter and stuff before but I hadn't made a record yet. People were bootlegging it, too.

BLD- You've written a lot of songs that other people have covered?

CK- Yeah, I've had several songs recorded. Randy Travis, John Anderson, Montgomery Gentry, Confederate Railroad, a few others. Blake Shelton cut a song not too long ago, "It Ain't Easy Being Me." It's on his new record. Cross Canadian Ragweed, they cut a song off my last record, "Cry Lonely." It'll be on their next album.

BLD- What do you have in the works right now?

CK- I'm doin' a few band shows, a couple weeks in Texas starting next week. I got another run with the band and I'm gonna be doing a lot of solo acoustic shows through the fall and winter. We were just talking 'bout doin' a new record but no concrete plans on that yet.

BLD- I appreciate you taking a few minutes to talk.

CK- No problem, appreciate it.