Sounds Good and Hot

How Do You Like the Sound of That (Arclight Records)
Amplified Heat

By Kory Wilcoxson

Amplified Heat could easily be Robert Rodriguez' house band. Their musical approach fits Rodriguez' movie-making style like a pair of cowboy boots: gritty characters and a heavy dose of machismo smothered in a smokin' Southwestern sauce.

The band, made up of brothers Jim, Chris and Gian Ortiz, could easily be mistaken for a classic rock cover band, except few bands made music this good back then. Songs like "Man on the Road" and "Rambler" would fit on a Steve Miller Band or ZZ Top album, if either of those bands added Jimi Hendrix to their lineup.

The boys venture into rockabilly territory with "Moonshine" the must fun track on the album and on several tracks, like "Amplified Boogie," the lyrics cease and they let their instruments do the talking. Fans of Texas-style musical mayhem will definitely like the sounds of this.

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