Around the World in a Yawn

Around the World in a Groove (Divided Circle Entertainment)

By Kory Wilcoxson

Angelique, the epitome of a global artist, draws on influences from reggae to the Orient to pull together Around the World in a Groove. The problem with the end product is that Angelique takes us to so many places, the listener will experience jetlag.

Is she the hip-hop diva of "When You Gave Your Word"? Or the reincarnation of Dionne Warwick on "Loved and Left Again"? Or the carbon copy of Sade on "Bird of Beauty"? Each track provides such a different flavor that nothing stands out.

Angelique's voice is pretty, but not remarkable. She puts her multi-lingual skills to use on songs like "Fais Soleil," and "Cornbread, Beans and Rice" has a tasty feel, but like most of the other songs, there's no compelling reason to have another listen.

There's nothing here that is particularly bad, but Angelique tries so hard to feel at home in such a diversity of cultures that she ends up never sounding completely comfortable in any of them. Instead of taking listeners around the world, Angelique would do better to put down some roots.

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