Knocking the Sophomore Jinx on its Butt

Relentless (Broken Bow Records)
Jason Aldean

By Rob Greenwell

Jason Aldean came upon the country music scene a couple of years ago with a great project from Broken Bow Records that produced three top hits ("Why," "Amarillo Sky" and "Hicktown") and also produced an ACM award for top new male vocalist. You could say he has had a helluva good start to a career in country music and his aforementioned success has given him the confidence for his newest project, called Relentless, that went No. 1 almost right out of the box.

The first tune on this CD is a rockin' country tune called "Johnny Cash," a rebel rouser that says the hell with it, grabs his girl, gasses up his car, cranks up the man in black's music and heads out on the road. This is the type of song that could pick up the sophomore jinx and slam it down to the ground. The other songs on this album are tailor-made to fit Aldean's vocal style, especially the title track. This is a great country song about a woman's relentless love. "Not Every Man Lives," a gripping ballad about a man who wants more out of life than the daily 9-to-5. There are some good filler songs on this album; however, these three are the hits.

Jason Aldean's Relentless gives the independent label Broken Bow two major artists with multiple albums that have done well commercially. Broken Bow is no longer a little "indie" that could, they are now a big player in Nashville. They have Aldean to thank in part.

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