Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: Stephen Smithson, but most of the scene knows me as Bobbo

Age: The tender, young age of 22.

Instrument: I play the bass live, but I write and record (some) guitar and bass.

Band/Former Bands: I'm in Ashes Eve now, but I was in PointGiven years ago.

How Long on Instrument? I've been playing bass for 7 years and guitar for about 4.

Equipment: Gallien-Krueger Backline 600 head; Ampeg 4x10/1x15 cabinet. I play a Schecter AB-5 and a baritone Schecter AB-4.

Influences: Lamb of God to Michelle Branch. Seriously. It even ranges from 80s Metallica to '90s Metallica.

Stephen Smithson

My First Gig: Mine was the Frankfort High School talent show with PointGiven.. Although, since a few hundred people were required to attend, it was a pretty good audience. Of course, during sound check for the ONE song we got to play, our guitarist's guitar shorted out and we had to borrow a guitar from the "hometown band." Toward the end of the song, the strap broke off the guitar and our singer, Justin, got down and let our guitarist use his knee for a footrest. It was pretty epic in our eyes and made for a pretty good picture. We got a standing-o, but nobody else did, including the "hometown band." So, it was a pretty awesome first gig.

Hobbies: Pwning noobs on Halo and watching sports.

Favorite Movies: Usually weird movies or dumb comedies. Movies like Donnie Darko (the original version), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Talladega Nights, Beerfest, Super Troopers.

Favorite Food: Probably Mexican.

Favorite Place: It used to be the Bizarre Café, but that closed down. However, I recently fell in love with Phoenix Hill Tavern. I never explored that place until a couple of weeks ago.

Bad Habits: Jagermeister, beer, whiskey, vodka, beer, tequila, rum, beer...

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: I had been listening to a lot of older stuff like the Eagles and the Police lately, but right now I'm listening to Alexisonfire's album.

Coolest Thing I've Ever Done: Legally? Probably putting Ashes Eve together along with Justin and my brother Kyle (guitar).

Most Embarrassing Moment: At some are awards banquet that I went to years ago, I won an award. But when they announced the winner to the hundreds of people that were in attendance, they announced STEPHANIE Smithson as the winner. I had to swallow my pride and walk up to let the person at the podium know that I was "Stephanie."