Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

Well, Spring is here or so they tell me. I'll take their word for it. And by the time this hits the streets it may be very evident. I'm READY! As I am writing this we are in the cold, wintry system when anything that falls out of the sky either bounces or covers everything with flakes. Now, what's falling out of the sky is wet, splashes a little and sometimes puddles and runs across the ground. Temps are improving but that little damp cool is in the air. So, I'm ready for the trees to leaf, the flowers to bloom and the grass to get green and show moderate growth. That way we can get outdoors and attend a good bluegrass festival or jam gathering. Bring it on.

Scramble Potluck: First of all, if you want to bring a dish, bring one. If you want to bring more, that's fine too. There is by no means a requirement to bring a dish to either attend or participate in any part of the evening. In order to make things as convenient as possible, we are asking that no dishes requiring electricity be brought to the potluck (Crock Pots, warmers, grills etc.). We are going to place all the food along walls in the Meeting Room near the Police Station entrance. If we were to pull the tables away from the walls enough to facilitate numerous power strips/cords etc. it would severely limit us on space. Flatware, paper plates and napkins etc. will be purchased, using money you have contributed to the coffee fund and by purchasing the photo CDs. There will also be some bottled water provided - approx 100 bottles or so. Due to the numbers expected, the kitchen area will be unavailable for food preparation or storage.

A lot of planning has gone into this, but the bottom line is it's still a jam, so if we need to adjust the plan as we go, so be it. Like I tell everyone about jamming, I'm not gettin' paid, I'm just having fun.

And there you have it, straight from the top. Thanks, Bobby.

Busy March

March was a busy, on-your-toes month for me. This has nothing to do with bluegrass but something that any and all of us can experience at some time or other. I had jury duty in Hardin County. This was the first time ever I had been tapped for that. I must say it was an interesting experience and perhaps something we all should do at least once. You will meet new folks and be right in on the discussions of what the outcome of a case will be. Interacting with others, considering their views and eventually coming to an agreement that all can accept. A real learning experience. One day, at the time I am composing this, we were there from 9 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. All in the interest of getting it right.

Keep it coming

The WFPK fund drive is on. One week of it is from March 28 through April 4. As you know, we are public radio, listener supported. Twice a year, in the Spring and again in the Fall, we come to you to help us continue to bring to you programming that is an oasis in the radio desert programming that will be found in only one spot on the dial. Many of our programs fill a longing for what we are presenting to you. Call in a pledge and help us keep it coming to you and streaming to the world.

What's coming up

There is jamming at Colesburg Baptist church Tuesday and now Friday nights. April 6, 2pm - Main Library Bernheim Forest Hog Operation, Arthur Hatfield & Buck Creek FREE. Tickets are required (free) and to order call 502-574-1644. Shepherdsville April 4 - Todd & Kevin Autry & Monroe Country, April 11 - Katy Penn Band. April 18 - Wildwood Valley Boys, last show of the season April 25 -Sammy Adkins & Tommy Brown & County Line Grass. Lewis Family Festival , Lincolnton, GA May 1-3, Lewis Family, Jim McReynolds & Va. Boys, The Grascals, Bobby Osborne, James King Band and many more.

Well friends, neighbors, fans and all others, let's hope Spring is here or soon will be. If you haven't already, get with it, plan carefully for BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL SEASON and pray for lower gas prices. We've got to get there and back, you know. Keep that dial fixed at 91.9 WFPK, especially 6-8 p.m. and follow on from 8-11 p.m. every Sunday night. That gets you Michael Young with Roots and Boots, then it's yours truly with Sunday Bluegrass. Just do it. Y'all be good now and I hope you get a good dose of Spring fever.