Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: George Napier

Age: 33

Instrument: Harmony Strat

JGeorge Napier

Band/Former Bands: Seedus

How Long On Instrument: 13 years

Equipment: Roland sg200 combo

Influences: Bob Marley, Talking heads, Chuck Berry

My First Gig: Jamie's Pub 51

Hobbies: music, biking, and diving

Favorite Movies: Water ship Down, E.T., Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Favorite Food: Every kind of food substance

Favorite Place: Jamaica

Bad Habits: Eating to much an singing in public bathrooms

What I'm Listening To Nowadays: Seether, Bob Marley and Radiohead

Coolest Thing I've Done: Play Gobblestock with 7 Mary 3 and Saliva at Phoenix Hill Tavern

Most Embarrassing Moment: playing nude volleyball in Jamaica and got a boner.

Who Do You Love: I love everyone until they give me a reason not to.

When/Where Did You First Get Some: In the driveway in front of my house while my parents were playing bingo inside.