All Hail the Anti-Britney

Rock What You Got (Inpop Records)

By Kory Wilcoxson

Superchick has been one of the more effective Christian bands in finding crossover success in the secular market. They have style, energy and a sound that is fresh and ambiguously positive and Rock What You Got should only broaden their appeal.

Superchick's modus operandi is like Secret deodorant. Their music is strong enough for men but made for women, seeking to lift the spirits of girls who are bombarded with cultural messages about how to be cool. On "So Beautiful," they sing, "We are a thousand voices strong / we are each girl who sings this song / we are a beauty that's our own / and we are so beautiful." I am a chick, hear me roar.

Give the band credit: In a world of Britneys, Lindseys and Parises, Superchick's message is a cool breeze on a hot day. It certainly helps that two of the band's members are sisters Tricia and Melissa Brock, who embody the "girl power" symbolism of the band's lyrics.

While the band is Christian, their spirituality is embedded in their songs instead of being jack-hammered into the listener's ear. Rock What You Got may revisit the same stomping grounds as the band's previous albums, but the level of excellence and enjoyment never wavers. The band is also growing in their ability to turn things down a notch ("Hold" and "Stand in the Rain" are two of the best songs here) and be vulnerable in the midst of their "girls rule" anthems.

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