Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name :Joey Goldsmith

Age: Jurassic

Instrument: Bass

Joey Goldsmith

Band/Former Bands: Currently: Inner Blue. Formerly: Factor IX, Shapeless Matrix, Crawlspace, Mayhem

How long on instrument: 20 Years

Equipment: '97 Warwick Corvette Standard 6-string bass; David Eden Signature series Traveler 400 head; David Eden Signature series XL410 cabinet. Keeping it simple, short and sweet

Influences: I take influence from many different styles of music and rhythm. I try to mix and match melody and rhythm when I play so I'm inclined to listen to and take influence from those players that do the same. They're too many and too different to list here but those are the qualities that I listen for.

My first gig: Bernie's Dry Dock with Mayhem circa 1990 or 1991. At the time, the band Mayhem was Dave Wathen, Doug Ferguson, Scott Cox, Danny Avis and me. We were well received even though we were the only metal act. I was playing a five-string back then. Yes there were a few shocked faces in the crowd. Nothing like granny showing up to see Billy Bob and the Nutchuckers only to get metal shoved up their asses.

Hobbies: Photography/Graphic Design, Music, Reading, Hiking/Orienteering, Cooking, Movies, Drinking beer, Hosting Murder Mysteries, Bringing Sexy Back, MMORP Gaming . . . did I mention the beer thing?I like that part.

Favorite Movies: Okay, I'm a nerd so I'm going to go with all of the Lord of the Rings movies. My tastes are anywhere from drama to fantasy and anything in between. Mostly movies that aren't set in modern times. Is that weird?

Favorite food: All of the above. Well, I say that because when you love to cook, you have to have a non-specific affection for just about any food. I firmly believe though the longer it takes to make something, the better it's going to taste. If I had to narrow it down, I'd have to go with something I don't have nearly as often as I'd like . . . seafood.

Favorite place: Oh man . . . Colorado. If family didn't keep me here ...

Bad habits:

I snore but I don't think that's habitual. Oh, wait . . . I do pee in the shower.

What I'm listening to nowadays: New Slipknot "All Hope Is Gone" and the Beatles "Love". I told you my tastes were broad.

Coolest thing I've done: Wow . . . there's a lot here. Indoor skydiving was pretty cool. The "Flaw thing" was a great experience. Wave-running up the coast of Haiti was freakin' sweet. I've been deep sea fishing. I've climbed Dunn's River Falls . . . everybody should do that.

Most embarrassing moment:

Well, there was this one time my Mom walked in on me and my girl doin' the hoobadie-doobadie and we tried to keep it hidden under covers, then my brother comes in the room and has a seat, followed by my step-dad . . . and then her Mom shows up to get her. YD&FOC, man.

Who do you love: I'm a father and husband before anything. Family is the singular most important thing in my life.

When/where did you first get some

Some what? I didn't drink until I was about 24. Ooohh . . . you mean SOME. Umm. There are different levels of SOME. If you mean the first time I've ever had any experience with the opposite sex,it was when I was 16. If you mean the first time I've ever had the freedom to have absolute uncontrolled animal-type sex it wasn't until I was in my 20's. The rest is hit or miss and was great but doesn't really count as SOME for the keeping. Now that I'm married, it's like going to a concert. There's lots of screaming, clapping and underwear being thrown. There's dramatic lighting and loud music. There's a thumping rhythm and sometimes a solo is thrown in. There's a begining, middle and end and an ecnore from time to time, it's great.