Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

• With the approach of the holidays, live music from touring national acts drops off, as everybody wants to be home for the Season. The early onslaught of cold weather in mid-November hasn't helped attendance at lots of shows, plus, of course, that little matter of the economic disaster we're staring at. The ultimate effect on touring acts remains unresolved the price of gas has fallen, so that's a not-so-small benefit for road warriors, but audiences are the key to success and indications are a fall-off in butts in the seats. Altogether, it's a worrisome time for fans of live music.

• It had to happen - "A Prairie Home Companion" is set for January 19 at the Palace Theatre, so of course Brigid Kaelin will be on the show. That woman does get around.

• Speaking of Brigid, she's trying to organize another "Townes Tribute" on January 1 at the Monkey Wrench. These shows have been fun and an all-around schmooze-fest for musicians, who usually constitue the bulk of the audience.


Easton, Larry H., 66, died on November 22, 2008. He was a country singer and songwriter and a member of the old Louisville Area Songwriters Cooperative.

Genton, Dwight E. , 55, died on , November 16, 2008, He was a guitarist for the Mojo Thunderkings, who opened for the Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Marshal Tucker Band and Grand Funk Railroad.

Nicholson, James A. "Nick, " 92, died on November 1, 2008. He was a thumb-picking style of guitarist.

Rucker, Bobbie M. died on November 12, 2008. She was a violist in several local chamber music groups.

Wentz, Rodney "Rod" 72 , died on November 19. He was a co-founder, along with his wife Glorida, of the National Jug Band Jubilee , a organization dedicated to promoting jug band music.