Home Grown and Live

Livewire Vol. 1 (Independent)

Various Artists

By Kevin Gibson

A live musical performance is a moment in time it is individual. A song recorded in a studio captures an essence, a performance, but it's different somehow. Why? Overdubs. OK, it's more than that, but you get the picture.

John Torstrick of Louisville runs a business called J.T. Live that captures live music, and Livewire Vol. 1 showcases six moments from his vaults.

Not only has Torstrick recorded some gems here, he also presents quite a variety of styles. From the ethereal yet quirky mood of Arnett Hollow's "Open My Eyes" to the sultry vocal delivery in Tenia Sanders' "Awake," this disc pretty much runs the gamut.

Ghostfinger, The Hemingways, Lucky Pineapple and Virgin Flame also make appearances on the disc, which was mastered by Dan Weigleb. While it's only six songs, Livewire Vol. 1 comes across as kind of a personal mini-concert. One has to hand it to Torstrick not only is this quick collection a great showcase for Louisville music, it also makes for a successful business card. The recordings are crisp and well mixed, and he has chosen tracks that sound professional and tight but also have moments of immediacy, such as Sanders asking for "more guitar."

Almost makes you feel like you were there. Get more at www.jtlivemusic.com.