Jefferson TARC Bus plays Y.P.A.L.'s annual YParty !

By Jason Ashcraft

Jefferson TARC Bus's usual drunken chaotic musical sets were a bit tame for the Youth Professional Association of Louisville (YPAL)'s annual YParty, which happened on Friday the 13th of June at the Mellwod Arts and Entertainment Center. Playing with the Jefferson TARC Bus that night was Kevin McCreary (Ugly, Tantric, Outspoken) taking up some guitar/vocal duties.

YPAL, an organization of different young talents, was celebrating the transition of the old board to the newly elected Board of Directors. For a full listing of the positions and newly elected officers, head on over to

Having attended several YPAL functions since its inception, this was the first time that it seemed very loose and casual. The focus was actually more on the entertainment than a sponsor, set agenda of speakers, etc. that usually come with professional boards. 102.3 The Max's Aaron Miller emceed the event and brought with him some interesting crowd participation routines, including a 'crack-berry contest,' where everyone had to be the first to email in answer to a trivia question. Wouldn't you know it? Mine did not work and I had the answer immediately.

YPAL does have a more interesting approach to gaining members than what has previously been done. Some music folks need to be a part of this organization, given the number of bands and other Louisville music community folks that are working at a national level. There are plenty of people in YPAL interested in what we have going on right now, thus they hired Jefferson TARC Bus for their largest party.

So I say to all you Louisville music industry dudes and dudettes, log onto, send some emails to various board members and ask them the questions that you want answers to and how Louisville's music community can be a part of their organization.

I can be your voice if you need one, so maybe you just email me: