Evil Urges
My Morning Jacket

By Jason Ashcraft

Evil Urges is one of the most astounding albums I've heard in a while - a long while. It's almost immediately evident that My Morning Jacket was not subjected to a rushed recording process where the record labels only interest is to just 'get something out' for the sake of making a quick buck. No, no, no. The reason for this is because My Morning Jacket really dove off the deep end with this album when comparing to their previous releases. "Evil Urges" takes My Morning Jacket fans on a musical voyage through a few 'untouched' genres as compared to previous releases. Nonetheless it is impossible to imagine that they could have produced such a masterful fusion of new sounds 'if' they were being rushed by their label to just "get it out." Evil Urges is a fresh change, and one that testifies to My Morning Jacket's ability to tear down the walls between genres and just write songs in whatever style that flows through their minds.

My Morning Jacket retreated to the mountaintops of Denver, Colorado to record Evil Urges. This retreat translated intoan album with heavy doses of soul, funk and psychedelic-disco variations of alternative rock. There are also some instances of alt-country that is nicely polished with Jim James' signature tenor vocals that serves as the basis for the soul influence on most of the tracks.

Hands down, one of the most appealing songs on this album is "Highly Suspicious," a sultry, funky tune with an infectious chorus which should net them lots of airplay on stations other then public radio.

The title track, "Evil Urges" is another song that should push this album toward success. It really sets the rest of the album up well, with the suggestive message that "Evil Urges" are just "part of the human race." The underlying hints of soul is instantaneously recognizable in James' vocals, and is mixed with a lot of Pink Floyd-style' psychedelia.

Another excellent track, although it may not get much airplay is "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 2." Just lock yourself in a bedroom with your significant other to learn why this song is so good.

One other song that really stood out was "I'm Amazed," which MMJ recently performed on Saturday Night Live.

The question of who is the next big act to come out of Louisville has been answered: My Morning Jacket.

I could go on and on about the rest of the album, but then who really wants to read the rest of that? Just go buy the damn album and thank me later. Ear X-tacy will have it as soon as it released on June 10, so make sure you buy it there. (Never mind everywhere else.) And don't forget about their show at Waterfront Park on Saturday August 16, where you will get to hear most of these songs performed live. Meanwhile, enjoy the album as much as I have!