Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Christina Mullins

Name: Cristina Mullins

Age: Older than you think ;)

Instrument: Vocalist and all around damn fine tambourine player.

Band/Former Bands: Sonic Epitaph. Former bands include Raising Einstein, Circle 7 and Kaos.

How long on instrument: I've been singing in front of audiences since the sixth grade, where I played the role of Aunt Polly in a mighty swell production of "Tom Sawyer."

Equipment: Shure Beta58 Wireless and platform shoes.

Influences:Journey, Stevie Nicks

My first gig: My first band gig was at the age of 16. My band, Kaos, played in a parking lot out in front of a Sav-A-Lot in Clarksville to celebrate their grand opening. I played keyboards and sang back vocals.

Hobbies: It's more like an addiction...but right now I play Warcraft for relaxation. Level 41 Warrior :) I also get into photography and collecting stage clothes and shoes.

Favorite movies: Comedy classics - "Stripes," "The Jerk," "Christmas Vacation"

Favorite food: Fresh cut fries dipped in Ranch, Rib eye steak off the grill

Favorite place: On stage

Bad habits: Eating said fries dipped in Ranch ;) , blowing off going to the gym (but I always have a good reason.)

What I'm listening to nowadays: Within Temptation and the radio, mostly.

Coolest thing I've done: Opened for Eddie Money and played the Waterfront Chow Wagon three years in a row.

Most embarrassing moment: Having hair blow in my mouth and when I took a breath to sing, subsequently down my throat and almost choking to death on stage at the Waterfront Chow Wagon... and having my skirt tucked in my panty hose at a gig at Jim Porter's :)

Who do you love: my kids: Carter, Cooper and Disney and my awesome boyfriend Chris

When/where did you first get some: That was a long time ago and it wasn't the greatest experience!